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Fixed Vs Variable Interest Rates
A common question I get asked is should I go with a variable rate mortgage or a fixed rate mortgage? The answer? Yes. There is no one size fits all for the fixed vs variable and a lot of it comes...
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The First Time Home Buyers Grant
I get asked a lot of questions about the new first-time home buyers’ incentive (FTHBI) introduced last September. I thought it would be good to outline the program and discuss the benefits and...
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Using a Realtor for your New Purchase
Why work with a realtor when you’re buying a house? The simple answer is it’s free! Realtors have extensive knowledge to make sure your big purchase goes smoothly and will save you time and money in...
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Standard Mortgage VS Collateral Charge. What your bank doesn't tell you
Why should you care if your bank registered a standard charge mortgage or a collateral charge against title on your home when you bought? Did they even offer to provide one or the other? Most banks...
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