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Myth Busters! Does Changing Your Payment Frequency Save Money on Your Mortgage?
On almost every new mortgage I complete I get asked this question, my friend told me that if I do biweekly payments or weekly payments, I’ll save thousands of dollars in interest vs monthly payments....
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Recent changes may be good news for homebuyers
We’ve had back-to-back changes recently in the mortgage world – one direct, one indirect. The benchmark rate used to qualify will change downwards starting April 6, 2020, and the Bank of Canada...
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Mortgage Renewals
Mortgage renewals are a very important part of home ownership and making sure you’re still in a suitable product with a competitive interest rate are a couple of the biggest things to consider at this...
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How Canadians Save Thousands of Dollars on their Mortgage
Did you know you could save thousands of dollars over the life of your mortgage with favourable terms that tend to get buried in the fine print? As a broker, I make sure to obtain the most flexible...
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