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Why work with a realtor when you’re buying a house? The simple answer is it’s free! Realtors have extensive knowledge to make sure your big purchase goes smoothly and will save you time and money in the home hunt! By working with a professional you get access to benefits that will help you make an educated decision. Did I mention it’s free?

What your realtor does for you

You’re the manager now and you just hired your coach, the realtor. You tell him/her how you want the team ran, and they’re going to deliver you a championship.

Let me build on this analogy…. You want a 3 bedroom house, attached garage, in xxx neighbourhood. Your realtor is going to get you a team on the field to knock it out of the park with his contacts:

·         The scouts - Follows new listings and can get them out to you as soon as they are up never miss out on an opportunity.

·         The talent - They have a pool of sellers from their own contacts, so your realtor may already know of the perfect place for you, before it’s even listed!

·         Offense - Negotiates all the contracts. Don’t overpay for your dream house.

·         Defense - Knows common issues in homebuying, don’t buy a lemon, make sure the home you’re buying is in condition to move in.

·         Assistants - Knows good home inspectors, lawyers, tradespeople, etc. to pick out problems and other professionals. Like me your mortgage broker!

·         The game – knows the neighbourhood. Don’t get stuck on a crazy street because of impulse decisions. Don’t end up being beside a new condo complex. Resale value and average time on market are important to think about in the future. Location! Location! Location!

Get yourself a coach... AHEM… Realtor that fits great for you! They’ll ask the right questions to making your dream home a reality. The seller of the home ends up paying your realtors fees and you know you’ve got a top-notch deal. They take the emotions out of homebuying helping you make the best decisions with no regrets.

What your realtor does for me

As your mortgage broker, having a good realtor makes my job easier. Good communication and reasonable terms set out for financing can go a long way with having a seamless process in your purchase. They draw up clear contracts and know what conditions will cause trouble when it comes to mortgage financing on my end.

If you need a realtor, ask me. I highly recommend my friend Bob Mergel in Saskatoon to my clients as he is highly dedicated and effective. He makes himself available to his clients all hours of the day despite being a busy father of 3. It’s also a nice benefit for myself because I know how he runs his business and he understands mine, making the back-end work easy and providing you, the client, with an exceptional home purchase. I mean check this guy out.

Bob Mergel

Royal Lepage Realty
1106 8th St E
Saskatoon, SK

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Always field your best team out there. Have someone who knows the market, and who will get to know you too! From someone who has seen people use realtors and those who don’t when buying a home, always use a realtor, you won’t regret it.